Monday, April 14, 2008

Please Stop Hitting Me... The glory that is "The Signal"

If violence is a problem for you.... do not watch the Signal. If non-linear story telling is a problem for you.... do not watch the signal. If hallucinatory freak outs are a problem for you do not watch the signal. If hearing "I've got this, you just finish jump starting your head!" then seeing someone drill into a head, while it is in a vice, stick electrodes in and talk to it is a problem for you... you do not want to watch the signal. If seeing the most mother fucking awesome movie on the planet is a problem for not watch the signal.

Oh my god this movie is a brilliant example of story telling, violence, insanity and horror. Think a mixture of the high octane horror and violence of the 28 days later series, with the story telling style of Reservoir Dogs, and the sick dark humor of the Cohen Brothers all wrapped up in an interesting and dare I say relatively new horror idea. The basic premise is a signal has gone out... over the TV, the radio, the phones and anything else that can receive a signal.... a signal has gone out that makes ya crazy. And by crazy I mean violently crazy but not mindless like the people in the 28 days later series. Just amped up base emotions mixed with hallucinatory delusions. Sure it's similar to Stephen King's "The Cell" (which Eli Roth is making into a movie... this one probably pissed them off) and an early Cronenberg movie called Shivers, but the execution is fresh. If ya like horror movies watch this one... Over the top excellence. I mean just look at the weapon this character made.


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