Wednesday, July 16, 2008

The All-Star Game

The MLB all star game is almost unwatchable. First off they take forever to announce the damn players... I mean is it really necessary to have all the old guys running around. Do we really care what George Brett and Ernie Banks said to the teams before the game. Should a silly exhibition really decide home field advantage?

It's almost unwatchable... mainly because of the announcers. Do I need to hear about Josh Hamilton's Heroin problem again? Do I need to hear some long winded story about Dan Uggla's dad going to Yankee stadium. What the hell is wrong with the announcers... talk about baseball... Please! Leave the emotional crap for NBC and the Olympics.

Also I would like to address the Yankee fans... You folks are a class act. Yelling at a woman because some hot shot she just happened to be married to said he wanted to close.


At 4:47 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hello There!

It’s Nigel again. I know you are busy with your fancy experiments and all, but jeepers! It sure would be swell if you could type up a few words of wisdom for a gloomy gus like me. I’m still pretty depressed with my gal pal dumping me and all. But life goes on, right? I mean, who would feed Dudley and take him for shits in the neighbor’s field if I kicked the bucket? Heh!

I guess I just need to think positive and happy thoughts. Like that time back at Chesterton High when we put those roosters in Mr. Gladstone’s Chevy…..Boy, was he steamed! It’s like that reverse phychology stuff, right? - If I am down, think happy in order to feel better and vice versa?

Oh potato skins!, At least I have your blog to look forward to. You’re right about the All Star game too! Nobody wants to see Ernie Banks crawl around. Heck, he wasn’t even that great of a player. Definitely no Jimmy Gantner anyway! And why was that woman yelling at you? Just because you wanted to be closer? I don’t get mad easy, but that sure would pop my bobber! At least you were able to go to the game. Probably rubbing elbows with some high roller scientist types too, huh? Dudley and I just watched the game at home with our good buddy, Jack Daniels.

Okay, write back soon please.

Your friend,



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