Wednesday, July 30, 2008

The Dark Knight.

Yep it's as good as they say. So is the watchmen trailer... But I won't get into that.

As far as the Dark knight goes the Joker is perfect. Absolutely fucking perfect. Two-face is good as well, however, I feel the one weakness the movie has is Two-Face's conversion. I don't buy it, they don't show him snap, and I don't buy his obsession with Gordon. Considering this is the Joker's grand design, the ACE up his sleeve, well I think in a 2 and a half hour movie what does it hurt to add in a couple of minutes to make you understand he has completely snapped, and that the idea is that chance is all that really matters.

Lastly parents, I know it says PG-13, but it should be R. And If I go to one more movie where some idiot brings a 4 year old who's gonna freak, and you don't have the good sense to take care of your child by take them out of the theater... I sware... I'm going to kick your child abusing ass.


At 12:53 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...


Well, me and Duds get the picture now. You don’t need any more chums. Who would want to be pals with a milksop like me anyways? Especially with all your big shot science friends and your fancy movie talk. It seems like no one wants to hang with a guy like me nowadays. My girl doesn’t want me. Damn factory doesn’t want me after 23 years! Heck, even the neighbor kid doesn’t talk to me since I can’t fix his darn rocketship. And now to put the lipstick on the pig, my best internet pal ignores me!

Fine. I hope everyone enjoys their swell life then. They will have to enjoy it without having Ol’ Nigel and Duds to pick on!


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