Monday, July 21, 2008

Kerry Wood and the DL

Seriously... a blister? gonna send kerry wood to the DL,1,2477664.story

I remember this. I remember slight injuries that would last all season. Who's not buying the Bullshit the tribune is selling?


At 12:11 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hello There!

Hey Bill, I was hoping you could help me out with this: I was taking Dudley for a shit in the neighbor’s field last week and the neighbor kid came out to play with his toy rocketship. Well, I didn’t want the kid to tell his dad that Ol’ Duds craps on his property every night, so when I saw the kid was having trouble, I offered to help. The little bugger was trying to launch one of those rocket ships with the toy engines in it……It’s kinda like a little M-80 up the butt of a paper towel tube, if you catch my drift. Anyhow, the kid would press the button, but nothing would happen. So I told him I would light the do-dad with my zippo and maybe that would work. Well, the darn thing took off and almost went up my wazoo!!

I told the kid I had a smart pal in the Big Apple that knows all about fancy science. I thought the kid would just forget about it and go watch cartoons or something. But he keeps pestering me about it now, and I think he might tell his pops about Duds nightly dumps. Anyhow, I thought that since you are a scientist type, you could help me figure it out.

Thanks Pal,



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