Saturday, November 08, 2008


This movie is fucking brilliant. It's an 82 minute long thrill ride and you only have 5 minutes of not on the edge of your seat time. The creature is brilliant... a cross between night of the living dead and John Carpenter's the Thing. The characters actually do the smart thing (most of the time) as they try to outwit an efficient killing machine. Clearly made cheaply, but shot slickly. There are a two sequences where we the audience have no fucking clue what's going on cause there are all these half a second jump cuts... I'm assuming this is cause they didn't have the dough to show us what they wanted to (can't wait to get this one on my TV with slo-mo). That being said there are no other flaws with this genre movie. It amazes me after watching this that it was not picked up by a major distributor, cause it is 10 times the horror movie than the usual crap Hollywood rolls out. There are a few grisly effects that are used briliantly... to both scare and make the creature more "real" in behavior.

It's a limited release but if you live near can drive to a theater showing this one, and you like horror... go see it. Click the link below to watch the trailer.


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