Tuesday, January 23, 2007

More Frightened Rabbit

So I went to go see them 2 more times, dragged about 15 people out to various shows with me, and the band did not disappoint, most everyone really enjoyed the show. A few of the people were not exactly indie rockers... so I have a feeling this band, if they can stick with it has a shot over in the states of competing with that bloc party, band of horses crowd.

Met the drummer, asked about a song that wasn't on the album they have. He told me to email the band and they'll burn it for me. Ahhhhh, it's always good to meet a band before they become insufferable assholes due to all the praise we lay at their feet.

The show at Mercury Lounge was the best of the three. The band seemed to be getting the American audience, be they whoopers, or whistlers. Tighter, better sound... no violent outbursts aimed at peddles. And they seemed to be enjoying themselves more. Made for a good show.

Another interesting note, bands who don't mix up their set list piss me off... this band has one release, and they managed to mix it up a little from show to show. Take note rockers (I'm talking to you Modest Mouse) if you're going to charge your fans 30 bucks a show (or more) try to make one show a little different from the next. People like to feel, when they go to a show, they're getting something a little different from the people in Akron, OH or Boise, ID... and vise versa.


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