Monday, June 25, 2007


So I went to a conference in Quebec Canada. Well Quebec is odd... Let me explain and give evidence.

1. Look at this gigantic dog, it was just on the side of the road. What the hell?

2. Same road about 5 kilometers (Canada folks... they use the metric system) away. There are smurf huts.

3. What exactly is a cyclorama? Why of Jerusalem? Why is this mosque like structure right next to a gigantic cathedral? (BTW this is about .5km from the smurf hut.)

4. In the old city there are people dressed up like zombies or ghosts walking around. Occasionally they lead large tours of 12 year old children around the city.

5. What does this street sign say and who hurt that french kid?

6. I'm not sure if it's law, but apparently every man and woman in Quebec City over 12 and under 40 must have a tattoo.


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