Monday, July 09, 2007

The Delaware Water Gap is full of ticks.

So my buddy Dave (Tony to everyone else) came into town to hang out for the fourth, go camping, watch movies, and play stupid ass games. We went out to the Delaware Water Gap on Friday for a day in the wilderness. Set up camp in the shittiest campground I've ever been in (The Delaware River Family Campground, if your curious. Our neighbors were blasting Mexican music while their children screamed and the spent 3 hours blowing up 15 blow up mattresses with the loudest air pump ever, not to mention that kids were yelling curse words at me cause my car idles too fast, then I got scolded buy an old man for driving 8 mph).

Well outside of that I had an interesting walk. Dave and I hiked along the Appalachian Trail for a while then curved back around down a less well maintained trail so we could see the Delaware River. It was a fairly unused trail with grass that reached mid calf. Eventually I noticed a section where you could get right down to the river, there was a concrete eembankment next to the river that we chilled out on for a second. Then Dave looked down and noticed a tick on my shirt, he flicked it off with a disgusted noise. Then I looked down and noticed another one on my shirt, and about 4 on my pants, 2 on each of my shoes. I was freaked the fuck out. Then I pulled off my shirt. There were 2 more on the inside of my shirt and two crawling on my chest, Dave flicked two more off my back. Then I couldn't help it, in full view of some fishermen and three rafts full of children on the river I took off my pants, there were three ticks on the inside of my pants and two crawling on my legs. I got them all off

(Yes these were all over me.)

and Dave, sensing the completely crazed look on my face, kindly suggested we hike back on the road. When I got to an information station just off of I-80 I stopped into a bathroom to do one last check, there was one area I could not get a look at while I was checking for ticks. I pulled off my underwear, and yes folks, there were two ticks running around on the inside of my underwear. To be honest I now identify with this guy from the Onion (you should read it... it's very funny):Not the meth part... the spider part.


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