Sunday, July 01, 2007


Got to see Wilco play a show @ the Warsaw thanks to the girlfriend, (very thoughtful birthday present). The show was fantastic. I haven't ever seen Wilco play a place that small, save the memorial chapel up at Union College, and they put on quite a show. They focused in on Yankee Hotel Foxtrot, unleashing a torrent of songs (I Am Trying to Break Your Heart, Cash Machine, Reservations, Jesus etc., Poor Places) from that era. I could tell I was in for a little
more intimate of a show when they opened up with Sunken Treasure off of Being There. Contained within the song is one of my many favorite Tweedy lyrics.

"If I had a boat... You know I'd probably roll over.
And I'd leave it on the shore... I'd leave it for some body.
Surely there's somebody... who needs it more than me."

Always got to me, cause at one moment it's generous and yet it's sad in it's refusal to accept what help comes the character's way. Always good to step in the way back machine when a band begins a set.

While I don't like the new album (or the last one) that much, the new incarnation of Wilco is one of the better live versions of the band.


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