Thursday, July 26, 2007

Midwest Living in London?

So I'm writing this from Heathrow at 3:30 local time. Touched down in London a few hours back snuck out of the terminal i was in (where there was a 2 and a half hour wait to go through the passport line) and walked to the front of the nonexistent line in a different terminal. I got out and took the underground with my girlfriend to the town where bend it like bekum (however the hell you spell his name) was set. Had a drink at a god awful pub.. then had some fantastic Indian food. Then get this shit... I took the "night bus" back to the airport. I thought that was just bull shit.

I will try to keep this up while i'm in turkey but i don't know how many internet cafes there will be in ancient Turkish ruins.


At 12:55 AM, Blogger joseph said...

It's Bend it like Beckham!


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